Getting Started

  • MDN: Learning the Web.
  • Shay Howe: Learn to Code HTML & CSS. Develop & Style Websites.
  • Codecademy: Learn how to create websites by structuring and styling your pages with HTML and CSS.

  • Flexbox Froggy: A game for learning CSS flexbox

  • Udemy: Free course, Code Dynamic Websites with PHP - Brad Hussey's total beginner's guide to coding your very own dynamic websites with PHP.

Inspiration & Education


  • ASCII: HTML Character and Symbol Entities
  • CSS Guidelines: High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS
  • DevDocs: Multiple API documentation
  • HTML5 Doctor: HTML5 Element Index
  • PHP Manual: A must-go-to reference
  • Survive The Deep End: PHP Security

  • W3C: Web Design and Applications - the standards for building and rendering web pages.
  • WHATWG: HTML - The Living Standard. A technical specification for Web developers.
  • MDN Web technology for developers.
  • Google: Web Fundamentals.

HTML Editors



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