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"Kari Morris' writing has verve, specificity and heart. She examines corners of the human experience ... that others have yet to illuminate, and she does it all while letting us see how ridiculous we can be when we're at our most earnest."

- award winning writer, Laura Maria Censabella




Fan Fiction:


Into the Blue (one act, produced)

Mia moves into a snow-stranded house to finally have some peace. Her ex-girlfriend's ghost moves there first, and peace is the last thing on her mind.

  • Winner, Best Short Play, Pride Films and Plays Women’s Work Weekend 2012
  • Produced by Theatre Out as part of Briefs: a Festival of Short Plays 2012
  • Developed at the CRY HAVOC Company
  • Read the full play here

Jerry and the Dyke (one act, in development)

Jerry Falwell stumbles into a gay bar with no memory of how he got there. When the bar owner, She Who Is, helps him unravel the mystery, his world is altered forever.

Ember (ten minute)

In the wee hours of Christmas morning, Frank enters a graveyard with a song, a wrapped gift, and an earth-shattering confession.


Two (short)

Sara has two vaginas. She’s never been intimate with anyone … except her pillow. But when love peeks through her window (literally), Sara finds the courage to reveal herself.

This film is the first to give voice to uterus didelphys. As edgy as it is moving, Two weaves a poignant tale of finding love and being loved for who you truly are.

Late (short, director attached, in development)

Octogenarian Greg arrives home to the best surprise he'll never receive.

Face (feature, in development)

Mary, 14, has no hope of a normal social life: she's riddled with acne, painfully shy, and, most importantly, a preacher's kid, the only preacher's kid in her tiny Bible Belt town. 'Til Anna's father takes the post at the other Baptist church. Anna, 14, is Mary's polar opposite: fearless, quick-tempered, and a genius at making trouble. Forced together by their parents, Anna and Mary begrudgingly form a friendship. To their surprise, the friendship becomes an oasis. When the friendship turns into something more ... their world is altered forever.

  • 2nd round of consideration, Sundance Film Lab
  • Reading, Union Theological Seminary
  • Reading, The New School for Drama (Drama Alumni Play Development Project)
  • Read an excerpt here


The Girl Who Could See (YA novel)

Aisling has a stomachache that won’t go away. Her older sister, Celia, who’s always told her everything, has run away without a word, without even saying goodbye. After three Long Terrible Weeks, a phone call has her family on the road to New York City. Police there have found Celia’s ink-splattered bag. But they haven’t found her. No matter. Aisling has a secret, a decision she won’t dare let on to her parents. Once they arrive, she’s going to run away, too. She’s going to look for Celia, and find her, all by herself.

Matilda has scribbled down every detail can remember – of the moment she’d watched Celia disappear into a rock. Like the others. Like her son. Her friends have worked like an army of sleuths, year after year, gathering clues and bringing all to their underground cardboard town. What invisible monster is doing such a thing? Why won’t anybody believe them? Will they ever have their loved ones back?

Aisling’s search for her sister leads her to the top of a New York City rock, to Matilda, to a discovery – she has a power. A special sight. If Celia and the disappeared are ever to be freed … Aisling’s sight is their only hope.

Fan Fiction

J & M Reunion 2014

Kari's John and Marlena storyline is so popular that her fans have recently created a petition for it to be used on "Days of Our Lives".

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Kari can be reached here.

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